Retirement used to be for those who were too old to work.  Now, people are living much longer, healthier lives and retirement is just another stage of life.  Planning for this stage is essential in making finances last throughout the rest of your life.

It is never too early or too late for any postal or federal government worker to start planning for your retirement.  Do you understand your options and benefits as a Postal/Federal employee?  I specialize in providing information on benefits for:

  • CSRS
  • CSRS Offset
  • FERS
  • FERS Transferees
  • Federal LEO
  • TSP

After you retire, what is your best estimate of the amount of money you will need as income each month to maintain your desired lifestyle? Do you have any idea how much you need to save and invest to do the things you want to do after you stop working?

The typical Baby Boomer is a spender not a saver, and hasn’t socked enough away for those golden years after you stop working full-time.